Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wish I had a Piece of This

Don't know whatever happened to Spry - or to Aunt Jenny, for that matter. I have a very old Spry cookbook and that is where I found the recipe for pie crust that I used for years and years. Haven't made any from scratch in a long, long time. This cake looks just yummy - would love to have a piece of it.

Will be away for several days - my daughter and I leave for KC this afternoon to go to a baby shower for my oldest granddaughter who is expecting a little boy whose due date is my 83rd birthday in August. Isn't that nice to think about? I had my daughter on my grandmother's 80th birthday so maybe history will repeat itself. However, I will be happy whenever he arrives! No postcard this week, but will check on everyone when I return home. (Click to enlarge)


  1. I did a post in January of last year about Spry ( and a person from Cyprus wrote to tell me it is still available there. The only place in the world you can buy it. Go figure.

    Happy party to you!

  2. Great old ad! They sure knew how to cram some copy in them and still make them look nice.