Saturday, May 28, 2011

Favorite Picture Rerun

All of the fellows in this photo are identified by someone right on the border of the picture. I love that about the Pearce family - this is something they did a lot. However, the pretty lady peeking out of the porch door is not named, but I think it may be my Aunt Nelle. Charlie, of course, is my father. Ken and Lambert are Nelle's little boy and her husband, and Harry is my uncle. What I think is so fun is the different hats they are wearing. Dad has his hat turned up at a jaunty angle, Ken appears to be in a bonnet, Lambert in the straw hat that was so popular way back when, and Uncle Ham in a kinda beat up old strawhat.  A fun picture!
(Click to enlarge)


  1. Lambert's hat is called a 'boater'. Why, I couldn't tell you, but such is the case.

  2. That is a fun shot. One real fishing pole, one stick, and one fellow holding a can of worms. Me thinks there's a reason they're not showing their catch.