Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Couple of My Favorite Old Recipes

Here is an old recipe I got from my Jo, my sister, many years ago.  Jo, bless her heart, was such a good cook - much better than her older sister.  She could throw things together and they always turned out so yummy.  This recipe is such a good one but finding apricot pie filling is next to impossible.  Peach will do just fine.  As you can see, this makes a lot and would be great for a large crowd.  I am sure it could be halved nicely.  The ease with which it can be put together makes it really nice for a busy gal.  I know when I went back to Illinois for one of my high school reunions, this is what I put together for our picnic and it was so easy and eaten all up!!  Add the slice bananas just before serving. 

When we moved to the Kansas City area in 1972, our neighbors had zuccini in their garden.  I had never heard of it even though my dad had grown a good share of our food when we were growing up and grew many things in his garden that you don't normally see like Chinese cabbage, celery cabbage, peanuts, etc.  Wilsons had a surplus of the squash and gave it to all the neighbors.  The lady across the street made this wonderful bread - and I got the recipe.  Over the years, I have made this many times albeit not for a long time now.  It is a great recipe.  When we had our own zuccini, I used to grate and freeze it and then use it in bread.  Nice, yummy, moist loaf of goodness!  (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Thanks for the recipes! They look great :) I'm well familiar with Zucchini Bread because of years of gardening with an overabundance of the vegetable - the bread is really a treat.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week,