Wednesday, August 4, 2010

With Grandma Pearce

Here is Maggie, our grandmother, with my sister, brother and me. There are so few pictures of us together as we grew up, and this is one that means a lot to me. There are quite a few pictures of me when I was a baby and toddler and that was because, even though I was not the first grandchild, I was the first nearby. Pictures are practically non-existent of most of our years in grade school. Bud has practically no pictures of himself as a little one. And there are not that many more of Jo.
That's why this one of Grandma and Buddy is precious. He was named Charles after our dad, but Mom had heard that the movie star of the moment, Buddy Rogers, was named Charles so that's why he was called Buddy - later shortened to Bud. I still call him Bud, but everyone else calls him Chuck. This is also a good picture of our grandmother. I have so many sweet memories of her.
Don't know where these will enlarge or not, but they might. (Click to enlarge)


  1. That's you on the right, right? These are great photographs! Although I was the first of five, I have very few photos of me with my grandparents, and those that I have are very precious to me as well. They always bring back fond memories of my (mostly) misspent youth.

  2. Very sweet pictures Carol....