Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pabst Brewery in Peoria Heights

A picture (which I found on the internet) of the old Pabst Brewery in Peoria Heights, Illinois, where my father worked for many years until retirement. I was a small child during the depression and Dad was off work for a long time, so you can imagine how thrilled my parents were when he was promised a job at the new brewery that was opening. Sadly, there was a big fire just before it was to open so there was a big delay. He did, however, eventually go to work there.

I found the little miniature Pabst bottle in an antique store and also the old bottle cap opener that advertises Pabst. The pin is my father's employee pin that he wore on his shirt at work. I found the old bill on the internet and also have some other memoriabilia pertaining to Pabst in files on my computer. When we were in Portland, PBR is certainly a popular beer there so evidently it is a favorite again. (Click to enlarge)

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