Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend in Ft. Madison

Here we are in the late 50's in our backyard in Ft. Madison, Iowa. The yard was a gentle slope to the creek behind - Dry Creek. That is until one night when there was a 10" rain and Dry Creek became very wet and washed away the slope and left kind of a cliff. We still had a lot of backyard, however. Looks like this was taken after the big rain since there seems to be a fence there. We planted gourds to grow on the fence.
Bill and Ray looking at a box - can't remember what was going on at that time. Maybe if one of the kids remember, they will leave a comment.

Sherry standing beside a little redbud tree that we dug up on the bluff behind the cornfield near our house. Redbuds are Iowa's state tree and there was a lot of pretty pink in the landscape in the spring. Surprising, the little thing grew.

Mom, Dad and Bill. Do you like my fashionable outfit? Used to wear an apron a lot - but with bluejeans? Looks like that's the case. I haven't seen these old pictures for a long, long time. Brings back memories. (Click to enlarge)


  1. A couple of comments:

    That looks like a clothesline behind Bill's head - just above the fence post.

    There appears to be a leash in Ray's hand leading to under the box, a water dish sitting in front of it. Perhaps a 'new' pet?

    The foreshortening in all of these photographs makes the clothesline appear to be very, very short. Like, maybe about 'Little People' height!

  2. Yes, that is a clothesline - every house we ever lived in has had one. Even hung out some clothes after getting a dryer. The lines were at the bottom of the hill - we were all average height people!! LOL! And it could very well have been Penny, a doggy we had there, in the box with the water bowl. We also had a couple of little turtles from the Mississippi in the summer, but they stayed in a little footbath with a brick in it.