Thursday, March 11, 2010

How Bill Got Around

We lived in Newton, Kansas, for three years - Bill was in high school at that time. He had this little motorcycle while we lived there. I'm not sure if it was a dirt bike or what it was called.
Later, he bought this '57 Chevie - a very popular old car. He actually yanked the engine and had it redone. There was a frame that looked like a swingset minus the swings in front of our garage for awhile. It was a very complex operation but he got it done. With him here, of course, is Sherry who was home from KU. Most of the time while we were in Newton, it was just Bill and me since Sherry was in Lawrence and Ray's territory on the Santa Fe was huge so he was gone a lot. Bill worked at Safeway in the produce department after school and on weekends, and I had a job as a secretary in the parts department of Hesston Corporation in a little town about 11 miles away. We were all glad to get transferred to the Kansas City area.
Can't remember what he did with the 57 Chevie, but this is his little VW that he had when he went to KU. Looks like he was growing his hair out! I will put in a hippy picture of Sherry one day soon. (Click to enlarge)

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