Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fishing Buddies

After we moved to the Kansas City area, Ray discovered a fishing "resort" outside Rogers, Arkansas, on Beaver Lake where one of the fellows at the Santa Fe went to all the time and where he and his wife eventually built a home. We started going to Shaddox Hollow and would go twice a year - usually May and October - for quite a number of years. You rented a trailer that was not fancy but had all the necessities, a boat, and you could rent a small motor. It was on a lovely cove with lots of old submerged trees where the crappie and other fish would hide out. Beaver Lake was a manmade lake for flood control. The picture above proves that we did catch fish - sometimes! Any we caught probably cost us maybe $200 a pound but we did enjoy it so much. I have always loved fishing and Ray and I did a lot of it. We would cast, fish with a bobber or on the bottom for catfish. Each time we went down, we would go over to Eureka Springs, a nice little town in the Ozarks. That is where I had my first quilts quilted in a little quilt shop there. In the fall, there was a wonderful antique show at War Eagle - we would get to go to that most of the time.
Here he is, just about as happy as a man can be. Looks like we were both into orange pants that year!

No, I changed to turquoise ones. Heck, the fish don't give a darn what you wear. Those were my big hair days, too.

This was taken on a lot we bought on another part of the lake. We wanted to retire in Arkansas but that never worked out. We sold the lot later. It did not have a lake front, but there was access to the lake up the road. What a lovely view the lot had being on a gently sloping hill. A nice dream to have but they don't always come true and that's okay. I have often wondered if the development every really grew as planned. We sold the lot to the folks who already had the lovely home right below. Lots of great memories of Shaddox Hollow Fishing Resort. (Click to enlarge)


  1. Heh Carol I remember that first picture from an ATC - that certainly was your big hair days!You look like a pro in the boat... I wonder sometimes to if we will end up where we think we will - life changes so much! Jewels

  2. Dreams are fun, a waste of time and easy to do, but without them life wouldn't be worth living. When the boy next door made it on the short track speed skating olympic team, his dad printed t shirts for all of us to wear and signs for our yards that said "go Izzy go--livin the dream". That he was, and his dream did come to a reality. So dreaming is a good thing. Memories are even better. Thanks for sharing yours with me.