Monday, June 25, 2012

A Memory from my Childhood

Taken probably in the very early 40's, this is a picture of some of us Rome girls after going to the Sunday School that was held at our grade school and taught by Kenny and Elmira Koch from Chillicothe.  As I was doing some of the few chores I do around the house anymore, I was thinking of life as a young girl in Rome and how almost all of us had very limited "wardrobes" - so much so that I can vividly remember some of the few clothes I wore that were so special.  We certainly did not get anything new very often.  Case in point - I am the girl with the majorette boots - I was so very proud of those boots.  Cannot imagine why I wanted them, but they certainly pleased me.  Most of us in Rome were pretty much in the same boat when it came to having a limited amount of clothes, etc., but we still had a good time and life was good. 

Some things that happen make an indelible impression on you.  The girl standing to my right is Mary.  Mary 's younger sister is at the left in the front row and she also had a sister my age, Sally, and a brother who was the youngest in the family.  Mary never, never or hardly ever got anything new!  She wore Sally's handmedowns and I suppose by the time she had outgrown them, they were too used up for her little sister, Elsa.  But one day, Mary did get a new outfit and I can almost see it.  It was what was known as a "bobby suit" - a two piece cotton outfit.  Her bobby suit was red and navy.  She was so proud and happy.  Then her mom washed it and it faded terribly.  That made me feel so bad for Mary - I have never forgotten that little story.  Even though it isn't a really great story, I will always remember how sorry I was that Mary's new dress was ruined. 

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