Sunday, April 10, 2011

So Glad They're Obsolete!

It's almost inconceivable to me now that I baked my first cake in the oven of a stove like these.  I am thinking our old coal stove was probably like the $23.99 model since we did have a warming oven and a reservoir.  Mom turned out some wonderful meals on that old thing and it kept the kitchen cozy and warm in the winter.   That, and the coal stove in the living room, is what heated our entire house.  My sis and I were moved upstairs when we were a little older and the heat for the rooms up there came through vents in the floor.  At night, the fires would go out and dad would be up early to get them going.  He always slept with his trousers and a flashlight beside the bed and a ladder under the porch that would have given access to the upstairs in case of fire.  The summer was another matter for cooking.    For that, there was a kerosene stove that didn't heat things up so much.   I think growing up like that has a tendency to make you a little "tough" in the sense that you can adapt to some adverse conditions easier.  I know I have mentioned that our "bathroom" was outside and down the path aways which also tends to make you hardy!   But I can truly  say, I did not feel deprived or unhappy as a child - I think it was just the opposite.  Would I want to go back to living that way now?  OMG, NOOOOOO! That is why I am not a camper!   But there are no regrets.
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  1. I can't really see myself as a camper either, lol. I actually have never camped, not even as a child, and I have some friends who say I simply must try it. But considering how I am.... I'm just not so sure about that, lol, since I love modern-day conveniences.

    Another interesting post by you. Thanks!
    Hope you have a wonderful week,