Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old, Old Hatpins

This weekend is our guild quilt show and I bring two old, old quilttops to use for table covers every year.  So I was rummaging through the old chest I keep them in and came across this tattered old box from Skagway, Alaska.  In it are hatpins from the early 1900's.  These were in my mother-in-law's  things, but I have no idea who had owned them.   Maybe they belonged to her mother, but that will never be known.
The pins are really long and sharp.  I think most of the woman had very long, thick hair and wore it in buns or braids so needed large pins to hold their big hats.  One of these has initials and the date 1909 and is very decorative.  They are lying on one of the old quilttops I am taking to the show.  Next week, I will take pictures of the old tops and do a post of them.  They are really very pretty.  The quilt show is always a lot of fun and something I look forward to.  We have an extraordinary group of good quilters and we put on a good show!  (Click to enlarge)


  1. Carol - these are gorgeous! I love them - you will need to show them to me next time I come over - you have so many "treasures"...J

  2. Very interesting pieces! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful quilt show.