Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I found this picture and thought what an appropriate "piece of the past" for Thanksgiving Day.  Looking at it closer, the gentleman carving the nicely browned bird looked vaguely familiar.  Then I looked at his wife and I knew - it was Ike and Mamie ready to enjoy their holiday feast.  I thought at first it might have been taken in the White House, but on checking it could not have been there.   Their son, John, stands beside him and   John's wife is Julie Nixon, daughter of Richard Nixon.  John and Julie were married in 1968 and Ike went out of office in 1961.  As the picture shows, the couple has three children so it must have been in the 70's.  Regardless, a sweet family picture.   I cast my first presidential vote for Eisenhower - and didn't get to do it until after I was 21 since that year there was no election.  Looks like everyone in the photo is anticipating a great dinner.  I hope you have one, too!  (Click to enlarge)

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  1. I think the little boy in the picture is Pres. Eisenhower's grandson David. The young man to the President's left is his son, John.
    This could have been in the White House.