Sunday, September 12, 2010

Old Printer's Drawer

In the 1970's after we had moved to the Kansas City area, printer's drawers were becoming very popular. I found this neat old drawer at an antique show in one of the malls and decided to fill it with little mementos we had around our house. Most of the spaces have things with real meaning - a few are just there to fill it up. In a space on the lefthand side is my birth announcement that my Aunt Nelle sent me when she was going through some of her things one time. I also have put in two little cards that I got at a shower when we were going to be married.
This little embroidery is something Sherry did - a teepee. I love it!

The main thing in this picture is Ray's Eagle Scout Badge. Boy Scouts meant so much to him - he lost his father when he was 12 and the men he was in contact with in scouts were special. He also worked with the scouts for a long time when he was older. He actually was a scoutmaster in Chillicothe for our church troop when Bill was a baby. When we moved to Topeka, Bill was in the scouts and Ray was a neighborhood commissioner. The troup had it's own campsite and would from time to time hike out on weekends for a campout. Bill made it to Star Scout which is great and his badges are also in the drawer.

These are Sherry's keepsakes - a tassle from her drill team boot and her eight year Sunday School attendance pin. So many neat little things lying around everyone's home.

This little sheriff's star was on a little jacket and pants outfit Bill had when he was probably six or seven. It never hung in the closet - it either was on Bill or dirty. As soon as it was laundered and ironed, he wore it. I love this, too. The little snowman is an earring I used to wear at Christmas time. The caboose is part of a little N gauge railroad that Ray had. And there are Sherry's jacks. Also in the box are my DAR award pin from high school, Ray's class ring, a badge for hiking the Lincoln Trail, his dogtag, a Ft. Madison Rodeo Badge, a night owl badge for dancing after midnight at a square dance, an archery badge Sherry won at Camp Pin Oak and the Beatle-like birthday cake toppers we had for Bill's birthday one year. Hope you enjoyed this little piece of fluff! (Click to enlarge - probably will see some dust, too)

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  1. I spoke with a fellow yesterday at an Antique show that not only plays the piano by ear, but also has a number of these that are FULL of type - some of them are well over a hundred years old. Oh yes, he still uses the presses that 'go-with'!