Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Out of the Past Sewing Related Pieces

Pinterest is such a fun place - such wonderful pictures to look at and enjoy.   I have one board I call "For Old Sew and Sews" and that's where I pin great pictures of lovely, nostalgic items dealing with sewing.  Above is an old sewing basket - there are many of these great old items.  I have one that I have had for many years and it sits on the table in my living room holding odds and ends relating to my sewing and quilting.
Here is a beautiful spool cabinet.  These sat on counters in general stores and department stores holding thread.  Lovely piece.  across all  three drawers. 

Here is my spool cabinet.  It has glass in the drawers and I had enough of the old wooden spools (have been sewing for 65 or more year) to line the fronts.  We put legs on this, but they can be taken off easily one day if so desired.  Below is the first chamber pot in my collection.  On top, my wonderful $1.50 pitcher and bowl from an old hotel in Ft. Madison.  My start into a modest collection of cool antiques.
I learned to sew on a machine like this - the old treadle.  They did a beautiful job and many of them are still around.
One of the reasons I so love Pinterest.  What a gorgeous wreath made from old wooden spools of thread!  How neat is this?  I would hang this in my house anytime, but don't have enough old spools to make one even if I took them out of my spool cabinet!   If you would like to check out my boards on Pinterest, click on the button at the top of my sidebar and you will go there.

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