Sunday, August 28, 2011

Long Ago in Ft. Madison

Our daughter, Sherry, in her room in Ft. Madison, Iowa - probably not too long before we were on our way to Topeka.  On the floor by her bed is the little suitcase with the Betsey McCall doll and clothes which I think is still around someplace.  Goodness, the room is neat!!  Probably mom's influence although I don't think there were lots of posters, etc., back then. 

And here is our son, Bill, in his room with his buddy Mugsy.  On the little stand next to him is the little 45 rpm record player that my brother gave him.  He had lots of Elvis records.  We were talking about that last weekend and he wishes he still had it.  There are also some little Golden Books that had records that you could listen to as you looked at the book.  Fun memories.  

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  1. Fun indeed. I remember Mugsy. Someone I knew had one. And I still have my Betsy McCall doll. Missing a shoe, but in good condition. Thanks for the memories of my childhood too.