Friday, June 24, 2011

Items from 1965 Spiegel Catalog

Love to look through the old catalogs.  I have two of them - the 1961 and 1965 Spiegel wishbooks.  Here are some of the familiar items listed that were in many of our homes back at that time.  Melmac dinnerware - unbreakable everyday dishes was used by many families for their family meals.  I kept a meat platter for years and I think my daughter has it now.
Another item in most homes - the pole lamp.  The one at our house had the glass shades - in an amber color.  I always rather liked pole lamps.

This is very similar to the stereo we had.  You could pile on 10 or 12 records and have music for a long time.  How cool it was to have the sounds coming separately from the speakers.  I recall one record we had
we had - Enoch Light and the Light Brigade - where the separation was awesome.  Can't believe all that has come and gone since then.  I found a little video on Youtube that is from the old album we had.  I think I recognized the cover - but regardless it's Enoch Light.  Hope this works in case you would like to hear it.  Goodness, this was a long time ago!  I also discovered that it's Enoch Light's music that is used for Mad Men's theme song - - you might want to check that out also. 

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  1. I had a Jawa 05A motorcycle that my dad bought from the Spiegel catalog in 1965. It cost $199.00. At that time, Spiegel sold motorcycles in their catalog, as did Sears, Wards and I believe Aldens. Any chance there are ads in your catalog? I sure would like to see one. "Thumb 1"